Welcome to Dilfer.com, the sports card trading, buying, and selling home of Richard Wall, AKA richard@dilfer.com and "dilferules" on several sports card sites. I am a supercollector of Trent Dilfer cards (currently have over 1,300 different cards of him plus many doubles) and collect many other players in baseball, football, and basketball, most of whom are a bit obscure. Check out the menu to the left to go to different areas of my site.

I have been collecting cards for over 25 years. I have sold sports cards at several small card shows and have been buying, selling, and trading online since the summer of 1997, completing thousands of deals.

I have been an eBay member (ID: dilferules) since early 1998, check out my feedback here, my rating is over 3,500 with no negatives.

I'm also on The Bench (ID: Dilferules), which in my opinion is the best trading site around.

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This site is not affiliated with Trent Dilfer or any NFL team.

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